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The Open Source
Survey Monkey / Typeform Alternative

Are you looking for a modern open source survey platform that keeps your participants' data private and secure? We are currently building a new & open survey experience with a focus on privacy, usability and API-first integrability.

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Universal application

Use our platform for all surveys and forms in your company or organization.

Product Evaluation

Ask your SaaS customers how they use your product and how you can improve the experience

Event Feedback

Send a survey after your event or webinar to measure customer experience

Registration Form

Create an attendee registration form for an event.

Many more...

Full Control

Take full advantage of open source and take back control of your survey data and the way you present yourself to your customers.

Open Source

You can host the open source survey platform on your own servers. This way, your users' responses won't leave your organization and you'll be fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and PECR.

Lightweight & Modern

With our focus on usability, we help you create surveys as easily as possible, let you analyze the results in just a few clicks, and see beautiful charts that give you instant insights.


Our API-driven approach gives you full flexibility over what happens to your survey data. Build your own data pipelines and integrate survey responses and customer data into your own platforms.

Full Control & Whitelabel

It's your survey platform. Customize it the way you want and make it completely your own.

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